Celebrating Our Newly-Tenured Faculty Fall 2021

At the September 9, 2021 Board of Trustees meeting, the Board honored nine faculty members who successfully completed their evaluation in spring 2021 and have achieved tenured status as of fall 2021. Dr. Doug Marriott, senior dean, career education & workforce development; Bob Van Der Velde, senior dean, arts & sciences; Bob Harris, senior dean, health & safety; Dr. Alejandro Guerrero, interim senior dean, counseling services and student success, introduced the faculty. Congratulations to Nicole Carrier, Tyler Downie, Ricardo Guzman, Jaime Huston-Sylvester, May Jong, Ida Logan, Eric Martinez, Claudette Shatto and Lauren Winczewski.

Dr. Sara Parker, assist. superintendent/vice president, academic affairs, kicked things off: “It is my pleasure to recognize and congratulate nine faculty members who recently achieved tenure, and who begin the 2021-22 academic year as Professors at Napa Valley College.  Tenure is a four-year process that involves peer review, student feedback, and evaluation. These faculty members have demonstrated not only strong teaching skills, but also contributed to the college as committee members, program coordinators, mentors, innovators, community partners and more.”  Dr. Parker thanked the peer review teams who helped carry out the coaching model, and the Academic Senate for helping to facilitate this model and invited the senior deans to say a few words.   

Professor Nicole Carrier

“I spotted Nicole from across the Library quad the day I met her. I can’t quite pinpoint what it was, but I just knew when I saw her that she was our newest Spanish teacher. I welcomed her with a big hug! And here we are four years later witnessing her earned tenure status.  I have been fortunate to witness Nicole’s teaching style. Her students love her. Brilliantly, she implements incentives for students to participate, which can be challenging in language classes, except for Nicole. I love the love you have for the Spanish language and its diverse cultures –  and I know that our program is in great hands. Your students are fortunate to have such a smart, dedicated, and caring person as their teacher. And we, at NVC, are lucky to have you. Felicidades, Nicole y mil gracias por todo lo que haces por nuestro programa y por nuestros estudiantes dentro y fuera del aula.” 

– Maria Villagomez, senior dean, library, language arts, social sciences, distance education

Professor Tyler Downie

“Tyler started at Napa Valley College in 2017 as an adjunct DSPS Counselor, hired as a full-time leave replacement later in 2017 and then full-time tenure track in 2018. He taught Counseling 097 four years running and is a member of the campus’ CARE Team. Alongside Sandy Barros, DSPS specialist, Tyler has headed up our DSPS outreach, working with local High Schools to help usher students with IEPs or 504 plans into NVC. We are fortunate to have in currently serving in an administrative position, as acting dean of DSPS and testing position.”

– Dr. Alejandro Guerrero, interim senior dean, counseling services and student success

Professor Ricardo Guzman

“Ricardo came to us four years ago when he was hired to serve as a full-time faculty member and director of clinical education. He has many years of experience as a respiratory therapy professional as well as a wealth of experience as a bedside practitioner and respiratory care administrator. Ricardo ‘hit the ground running’ when he came to campus and has been an asset to the program ever since. His care and support for his students and the profession of respiratory care Is exemplary and echoed by the students in the program. He has made subtle changes to the respiratory program in his time here that have resulted in strengthening an already strong and well-respected program. His wife is a respiratory care practitioner as well and his daughter has taken classes at Napa Valley College as well.”

– Bob Harris, senior dean, health & safety

“Eric currently works with general students, Veterans, ESL students, and student-athletes, and this year, took role of Puente coordinater. He spends much of his time in the community, mostly at the local high schools working with seniors, helping prepare them to come to Napa Valley College. Eric regularly provides ed planning workshops, orientations, and presentations to local high school students in Napa and Solano Counties.”

“Jaime has assisted more than 750 new Napa Valley Colleges students at their respective high school campuses all over Napa County. She organized a learning community for new students, year one, and recently welcomed our third cohort of students. Jaime has taught career and life planning on campus and in the local high schools and served as a Puente mentor She has also participated in enriching professional development opportunities and served on Budget & Planning Committee. Jaime regularly participates in on-campus events and is the current coordinator for human services and addiction studies.”

– Dr. Alejandro Guerrero, interim senior dean, counseling services and student success

Professor May Jong

“May Jong is an extraordinarily talented instructor who cares deeply about her students and their success.  We are fortunate that she has joined our faculty, and the award of tenure will ensure that she devotes the rest of her academic career to Napa Valley College and our students. May’s teaching is exemplary. Her students and peers recognize that she creates a positive and supportive environment in her classes.  She is also a gifted artist, and has brought new energy to the Visual Arts, working to revamp the digital arts program. May is very active in departmental and college service activities, serving on the District Technology Committee and Educational Technology Committee, where hers is a valued faculty voice.”

– Bob Van Der Velde, senior dean, arts & sciences

Professor Ida Logan

“Ida Logan stepped into a challenging situation and program and has provided solid instruction, solid student support, and outstanding departmental teamwork. Her background in mental health and her licensure as a psychiatric technician has provided her a strong basis for her work in the education of this specialized course of study. Ida came to us from a local facility where she still provides services to the community. She is an instructor who is compassionate, who expects a lot from her students, but also gives a lot to her students in the form of support, caring, and a quality education. Ida has helped to strengthen the demanding psychiatric technician program. She is a contributor to the larger Health Occupations area at-large and is an asset to the program and the college.

– Bob Harris, senior dean, health & safety

Professor Claudette Shatto

“Claudette is involved in all levels of the educational pipeline sharing her love of teaching and helping other advance.  She earned an A.A. degree in Wine and Sales Marketing from Napa Valley College, a B.A. degree in Communication at California State University, Sacramento, and a M.B.A.  from the University of Phoenix. As a dedicated educator and community member, Claudette also teaches courses for The Napa Valley Education Foundation (formerly NapaLearns). She teaches Entrepreneur Mindset to 5th graders and Leadership to First graders. She is writing a children’s book series that focuses on the entrepreneur/growth mindset.  Claudette has also presented at several national conventions including the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE). I feel very fortunate to be able to work with Professor Shatto!  She is dedicated and goes above and beyond for student success.  Her real-world experience to share with students is GREAT and matched by what I view to be a great heart!”

– Dr. Doug Marriott, senior dean, career education & workforce development

Professor Lauren Winczewski

“I have had the privilege of observing Lauren in the classroom. The level of expertise and liveliness she brings to our students through her teaching is truly inspiring. Many of Lauren’s characteristics have impressed me, but one of the most impressive ones is her ability to convey difficult concepts in ways that not only apply to real-life situations -but with which our students can relate. Despite holding her students to high academic standards, the students love her.  My impression is that our students are extremely fortunate to have someone of Lauren’s intellectual caliber as their instructor. And NVC is lucky to have Dr. Winczewski as a member of its faculty. Congratulations, Professors! I wish all of you an amazing journey in academia. May the force of great teaching always stay with you!”  

– Maria Villagomez, senior dean, library, language arts, social sciences, distance education

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